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I'm a rather slow artist, because university usually keeps me quite busy so that I don't get the chance to draw.
However, here in this box you can get an overview of the latest additions to my gallery uwu



Just call me Nuffie ♥
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello there! My name is Anne and I'm a 22 year-old hobby artist from Germany.

I've joined deviantArt back in 2006 and since then I've been trying to update this page with new art on regular basis. I'm mainly doing artworks of Sonic-styled fan characters, every now and then however I try my luck with anime artworks aswell. Besides drawing I'm currently attending university to study Biology, which takes away a lot of my free time every now and then.

I'm also a passionate hobby gamer that loves playing RPGs and Action Games, mainly on the 3DS at the moment as it's portable - haha!

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment on my profile page (I prefer comments, because I check these more often to be honest) or send me a note - I won't bite you :hug:

Find me in other networks: Twitter Social Smiley by mirzjiles ChibiNuffie | Tumblr Social Smiley by mirzjiles Chibi-Nuffie | Facebook Social Smiley by mirzjiles NuffieArts

I also use Skype for chatting with friends though I'm not the most talkative person. If you still like to add me add a comment on my page or drop me a note :nod:

Concerning Pixel Avatars

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 3:25 AM

Hey there guys!
By now I have noted all the persons involved in this issue asking them to either take down the avatars or add some sort of credits while explaining my point of view and asking for their understanding.

I wanted to thank all of you for your understanding and the feedback concerning the solution I can offer (pay to use bases). I am, of course, still open for suggestions, so feel free to drop a comment here.

Also a big thank you to those, who informed me about cases they spotted. I hope this whole issue can be resolved once the pay to use bases are done.

I will make the pay to use bases based on the Sonic Boom Icon Set (and all free to use icons) I am going to do, so there will be 5 bases in total. The pPay to use icons will be avaiable as Premium Content and will contain a .psd file of the icon base plus a clear .png of each basic frame (approx. 5 to 15 frames).  I will also either add a text document to the premium content explaining how to make a fluid animation out of it or I'll do a tutorial on it.

I am still thinking about a proper price. As I am offering commissions for 800 :points: per icon I will probably set the fee between 150 to 350 :points: per base, the final prize might be something completely nonetheless though (to be honest it is really hard to say what would be a fair price here considering that a conversion of points into $ is always a little... meh).  I also consider offering a bundle of all 5 bases for a significantly lower price to the single bases.

The reason why this will be pay to use and not free to use bases is on the one hand that I am still offering my pixel icons as commissions, and on the other it's also supposed to be an incentive to create an icon on your own instead of editing a base.  At this point there aren't that many Sonic Artists offering pixel Icons around, a little bit of variety would be nice in fact ^^;

With that being said: I hope you have a nice weekend and those lucky Pokémon Fans who already got ORAS on their hands: Enjoy it! :D I'll join you in seven days mwhahaha


Oh no! Not another of these "I hate it that people take my stuff without asking and using it in a way I do not feel comfortable with"
posts *sigh* But it's something I'd like to get off my chest. Furthermore I'd appreciate if you'd read through the whole text as I am also looking for solutions to solve this issue in general (e.g. by offering pay to use bases) and I'd be thankful for suggestions.

In fact it's not about my artworks itself, but about the pixel icons I mainly did in the second half of last year, 
aka these ones here:

Sonic Pixel Avatar (Free to use) by Chibi-Nuffie  Shadow the Hedgehog Pixel Avatar (Free to use) by Chibi-Nuffie  Silver Pixel Avatar (Free to Use) by Chibi-Nuffie   Amy Rose Pixel Avatar (Free to use) by Chibi-Nuffie Rouge Pixel Avatar (Free to Use) by Chibi-Nuffie Blaze the Cat Pixel Avatar (Free to use) by Chibi-Nuffie

Recently I stumbled over some deviants using icons that are clearly traced off of the ones I did. It would be a different case if I had been asked in the first place or if some sort of credit was given in some way, but in fact I was never asked at all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not raging around like crazy in real life and in a way it makes me feel flattered that people seem to like my pixel avatars enough to use them as a base to create one of her own character. Yet, at some point, it's still  stealing. To make things worse - I also found someone offering commissions based on traces of my pixel icons. That, to be honest, really makes me feel uncomfortable and is the main reason for me posting this instead of thinking: yupp, I'll contact them, explain my point of view and that's it. No hard feelings, case closed.

The icons I made featuring official characters are free to use for everyone - which means that you are free to use them as your icon (also on other pages, when some sort of credit - preferably a link back to the original post is given somewhere). "Free to use" does not include taking them and editing them without asking.

To sum this whole issue up in 2 sentences:
No, you do not need to ask me if you want to use the original ones I did as your avatar, but please ask me before editing them and reposting them :/ And taking free stuff, modifing it and then reselling them without permission does not make it any better in my opinion.

These icons may be small and maybe it seems to some people like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill when complaining about people taking icons and not real artworks and trace them. However I still spent some time into making these icons. The reason for doing some that are free to use to give them to people was that I am aware that I do not have the time to take in many commissions and/or handling them as free requests/trades or whatsoever. The only premise I had was that the work I put into creating these icons was respected in  the way that they were not modified (by tracing) and reposted without permission and credit given.

Something that I should point out is that there are just a few cases in total (at least the ones I'm aware of at this point) and that I am glad that after all most people seem to respect the work I put into my icons.
I also know that there are always people who are not aware of what they are doing when using other's work without permission. Therefore I'll contact the people who I spotted so far to explain my point of view and kindly request them to either take them down or make clear that it's a traced work based on mine once I finished my exam (aka tomorrow in the evening). After all it's possible that they do not know the original source and stumbled about one of the icons somewhere on the internet and do not know the original artist and their point of view (I experienced that myself, so maybe I became a lot more sensible concerning this tracing reference eye balling topic in general >__>; ). 

Of course it's hard to keep track of something like this, especially on giant platforms like deviantArt. If you think you found someone misusing my works, whether it's an icon or an artwork, in some way I'd be glad if you'd drop me a note or private message in any other way, so I can try to sort things out myself as I believe that conversation between those involved is the only way to solve a matter like this properly.  I don't want to find comments on my page, my artworks or this journal linking back to other's pages and works  that might start some sort of war or witch hunt between users - that usually lead nowhere except to frustration and anger >__>; If I spot comments like this I'll hide them to avoid that.

Furthermore I'm looking for a solution for this issue in general - though up until now I am not really sure how to do that. One thing would be pay to use pixel icon bases that could be used for creating a personal icon. If you have other ideas or suggestions I'd be thankful if you'd share them with me.

Tracing and referencing in general is a quite complicated topic to adress, I experienced that first hand in the past several time whether it involved others or me personally.  There are a bunch of different opinions on this topic and that is, in my opinion, okay the way it is as long as conversations happen on a mature level. With that being said: I'm sorry about whining over something like this orz I just felt that it needed to be said once and I hope that there is some way to resolve this issue in a way everyone is fine with.

Original Skin by SimplySilent


Chibi-Nuffie has started a donation pool!
10 / 10,000
You can use this Donation Box to drop me points for Pixel Icon Comissions or regular Commissions.

Pixel Icon Commissions CLOSED!Hey there! I guess by now I have had enough practise to finally be able to offer Pixel Icon Commissions◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
If you're interested in commission me for a pixel icon :note: drop me a note or :pencil: leave a comment on this journal :meow:
Examples and Prices

Price per Icon: 800 :points: = $10 = 7,50 €
Please do only pay me after talking about your request with me! I'll start working after I received the full payment.
Payment Methods:
deviantArt Points (you can use the donation Box at my Profile Page)PayPalBank Transfer (for Germans only)
IMPORTANT: I will only do an avatar when a picture of your character is provided and after we talked about your commission via note or in a comment.
All Pixel Icons will be submitted into
Commissions - CLOSEDCommissions - CLOSED
At the moment I'm not taking any new commissions in, my apologies. I'll update this journal once I'm able to reopen them.
If you intend to commision me I kindly request you to discuss your commission in detail with me before sending any money/:points:!
As I'm living in Germany the currency I accept are Euro (€). When paying with PayPal you can directly pay me in € :meow:
Please fill this out when asking me for a commission:
 Which Payment Method would you chose? (deviantART :points: / PayPal / Bank Transfer (Germany only!)Character Reference: Must be a visual one! I won't draw a character from description only.
What exactly do you want me to draw? (e.g. draw my character reading a book/taking a walk in a park etc.)Traditional or Digital Artwork (be aware that the prices differ)
Price list (full body prices, with examples):
I wanted to make an overview image first

But if you feel like donating some I won't stop you either xD

All points will either used to renew my subscription, give away subscriptions to friends, commissions or as contest prizes ovo~

You must be logged in to donate.

I want to do some free to use Pixel Icons of official characters soon. Any suggestions/wishes? 

43 deviants said Please do a set of Sonic Boom Icons
18 deviants said I'd like to see a pixel icon of character XY (please comment, only official characers only)
10 deviants said Redo the ones you already did (w/ alternative expressions)!


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